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The FDA/MQSA requires evidence of an average of 5 CE credits per year specific to mammography. (MQSA requires 15 credits in 3 years.)

Busy mammographers just like you! Actively pursuing a career in breast imaging; pressed by staff shortages; feeling the financial constraints of the managed-care environment; juggling home and professional responsibilities; having little time for mammography seminars. AND, you are also required to obtain continuing education credits, often with little or no reimbursement from your employer.

At RadComm, Inc., we understand your situation and offer you a choice in obtaining mammography continuing education credits at a competitive price.

The information included in our self-directed mammography courses provides comprehensive information on breast imaging and breast disease. After completion, you will have a better understanding of your important role in the detection of early breast cancer. You will also be better prepared to answer your patients’ questions during their mammography exam.

For those interested in entering the field of mammography, our Initial Training in Mammography Program is designed to fulfill the requirements as directed by the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). There is no need to spend 5 days at a seminar since these courses are available in a self-directed format.

RadComm, Inc. is committed to your professional success. We understand your needs and listen to your suggestions! RadComm provides a quality product for the mammographer that will ultimately improve your performance. Mammography education greatly benefits our patients as well.

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