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RadComm is More Than Online Mammography Training.

Yes, we provide high quality, online training to mammographers seeking continuing education credits and technologists seeking mammography training, but we believe we (and you) are much more than what we do for work, sell, own, create  or achieve.  

We believe we are all here on earth, in part to serve others, so we approach our work from a place of service as our key part of our reason for work.  

We believe work is meaningful, and because it means something it should be done well, and done to serve others. 

We’re grateful to be able to work with, and support a group of people who unselfishly spend their career and even their money focused on caring for their community.  It’s because of this, we really love what we do, and we take our job of educating mammographers very seriously.  

Our certified mammography educators are laser focused on providing high quality, affordable initial training and continuing education which is accessible 24/7 via our self-directed, online learning platform.   
Radcomm is committed to your professional success and our initial training & CEU’s are designed to completely fulfill the requirements of the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), and improve your ability to care for your patients during their mammography exam. 

Who We Serve


We believe our opportunities, strength, creativity come from Him so we use them in His service and to His glory.

Prospective Mammographers  

Welcome!  We are so excited to have the opportunity to help you on your career path in this important modality!  For those interested in entering the field of mammography, our Initial Training in Mammography Program is designed to fulfill the requirements as directed by the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). There is no need to spend 5 days at a seminar since these courses are available in a self-directed format.

Working Mammographers  

Busy mammographers just like you! Actively pursuing a career in breast imaging; pressed by staff shortages; feeling the financial constraints of the managed-care environment; juggling home and professional responsibilities; having little time for mammography seminars. AND, you are also required to obtain continuing education credits, often with little or no reimbursement from your employer.  

Underserved Women

We’ve partnered with two amazing organizations to give women in Africa improved access to education in order to empower them to change their lives and lift up their communities.  We’re so pleased to be able to tell you that a portion of every dollar you spend at RadComm goes directly to Girls Education International and 58ten

You can learn about specifically how we support these charities and about the women we’re supporting here.

Who We Are


Jeanette Joyce – Founder

RadComm, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Jeanette Joyce. At a time when Continuing Education for mammographers was limited, Jeanette combined her clinical experience with an instructional background to provide a source for quality information dedicated to mammographers. In her role as a breast imaging consultant and breast health educator, she traveled the country instructing fellow mammographers in the fine art of mammography.

Jeanette developed RadComm as a unique self-learning experience for those who were unable to travel or take time away from their profession and families in order to further their careers.

Freenae Williams – Educator

Freenae is responsible for course development and compliance. She also leads new initiatives and consults on a wide range of issues at RadComm.

Freenae is the Mammography Supervisor and Program Director of the UF Health School of Radiologic Technology at University of Florida.  In this role, she develops and implements a system to evaluate the skill, experience, and professional development needs of all staff.  She is also responsible for the performance measurements across all UF mammography sites, to ensure consistent, high-quality evaluation and goal standards of accountability.

Freenae has education experience in online course development, overseeing class syllabi, and evaluating individual student learning outcomes. She has served in a variety of leadership roles in the healthcare profession including lead mammographer.   Freenae received a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in health care, and a bachelor’s degree in health care administration from University of Phoenix.

Holly Vasquez – Educator

Holly is responsible for course development and compliance with a particular focus on QC course development.

Holly graduated from radiology school with an Associates of Applied Sciences degree in 1998 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2013. Working in diagnostic radiology was rewarding but a great experience as a student in a mammography rotation always stuck in her mind. The next year she went to mammography school and began working full-time as a mammographer in a larger (still small) West Texas town. A few years later she moved back to the Dallas area, and worked as a temporary technologist at several major hospitals and clinics in the area. In 2005 she went to work for a large hospital system as a QC technologist. Since then she has successfully led her hospital in several reaccreditation cycles. She has also been instrumental in countless yearly FDA inspections. Holly loves splitting her time between patient care, regulatory readiness, QC, and biopsies.  

In her free time, Holly enjoys quiet days at home with her husband and children, traveling, and working out with Camp Gladiator. 

Kerri Germano– Educator

Kerri is focused on curriculum improvement, and learning platform development at RadComm in addition to course development.

Kerri is a 14 year veteran of higher education experience.  In addition, she serves as the Assistant Professor and clinical coordinator at the Community College of Rhode Island’s Radiography Program, where she received her education in radiologic technology in 2004.  In addition, she holds an mED from American Intercontinental University online. 

Kerri continued her education in 2018 with RadComm to pursue my mammography education where she received her certification in March of 2019.    She still currently works in the field per diem in radiography and mammography.  For Kerri, work at Radcomm is an act of love.  Delivering education and learning online allows students to gain the goal of pursuing certification while maintaining one’s work schedule.  Kerri is excited to have come full circle in her career path from student to teacher to be a part of this RadComm team. 


Cherith Douglass – Operations

Cherith is our customer service and regulatory body liaison.  In addition, she manages our social media and email outreach.  She’s ensures that RadComm maintains our regulatory compliance with MQSA guidelines. 

Cherith has over 13 years of medical work experience in a wide variety of patient care environments.  When she’s not interacting with customers or updating a certification she’s spending time with her dog Kenya or surfing in the Pacific Ocean.  

Tim Douglass – Operations

Tim spends his time at RadComm focused on improving our customer experience, company operations and looking for new ways to promote our company.  Tim loves interacting with Radcomm customers and learning how to better support them with their mission of serving patients. 

Tim has founded, grown and operated businesses in a wide variety of industries including the medical space. When he’s not interacting with our customers, he’s enjoying time with his wife and children and experimenting with a new recipes in the kitchen.  


Learn How You Can Help Her


 This is Margaret.  By purchasing one of our courses you’re helping to provide her with the post secondary education she needs to have a brighter future.  If you’re interested in doing more, click the button below where you’ll learn how you can support other wonderful young women in Africa so they can get the education they need to bring themselves and their communities to new heights..  

RadComm helps mammographers live their best life by providing quality, specialized, post-secondary course work, while helping others.