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Choosing a Mammography Course: Everything You Need to Know About Accredited Mammography Courses

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Choosing a mammography course (some are Accredited Mammography Courses) is a key part of meeting the initial training requirements of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and taking the next step toward becoming a certified mammographer. If you’re a registered radiologic technologist looking to specialize in mammography, finding the right course can be overwhelming.

There are multiple ways to complete the coursework for your initial mammography training. Here’s a quick rundown of the three most popular.

Choosing a Mammography Certificate Program

If you’re pursuing ARRT certification as a mammographer, here are three ways to complete the required education requirements.

Mammography Seminars

Mammography seminars are offered by the Medical Technology Management Institute. This in-person training is great for people who prefer to learn in a more traditional setting, and allows you to complete the educational requirements in a focused setting.

If your employer is willing to reimburse you for it, you may be able to attend these seminars for free. If you have to pay out of pocket, they’re usually pretty expensive, ranging between $1,500 and $2,000. Travel and dining expenses are extra and you’ll have to fit the dates of the seminar into your schedule.

One of the major downsides to an in-person seminar is that there is always a chance of cancellation. For example, large in-person gatherings were canceled in 2020 due to the danger posed by the pandemic.

Accredited Mammography Courses

Many colleges that offer radiology programs also offer a mammography certificate program. This approach gives you personalized, in-person training in classes that are usually accredited by a traditional mammography institution. Most employers require this to be eligible for tuition reimbursement. This also means that you can cover the cost of the courses by taking out traditional student loans.

This is the most expensive option, as you’re paying for accredited college courses and are likely to pay the cost per credit hour of the institution. You’re also limited to the course schedule provided by the college. If a class you need is only offered working hours, you may have a difficult time working your schedule around it.

Again, there is always a risk of cancellation with in-person courses, as has happened with the 2020 pandemic. In a normal semester, low interest can lead to cancellations, and fees are not always refunded.

Online Mammography Course

Online mammography courses are the most convenient and cost-effective option, and some employers will reimburse you for them. It’s the perfect choice for adult learners because you can complete the coursework around your schedule. They meet the MQSA requirements for initial certification, and there are many options available when it comes time to pursue continuing medical education credits.

One of the best things about an online mammography program is that it isn’t at risk of being canceled because of COVID or any other reason. It’s a safe choice because you can complete the coursework from anywhere, in your own time.

This method isn’t for everyone, as some learners don’t like to study online and prefer a traditional learning environment. Clinical training may not be included, which can make it difficult to complete the required mammographic examinations. Some mammography courses provide for this, for example, RadComm has partnered with Pulse Radiology to help you get the clinical education and complete the mammographic procedures required to sit for the mammography exam.

In addition to RadComm, X-Ray Lady is another website that offers a variety of online mammography courses or you can order hard copies sent to your home.

Accredited Mammography Program Comparison

The following table summarizes everything we’ve covered and makes it easier for you to choose the mammography course that best meets the structured education requirement and your needs.

  Done at Home Flexible Schedule Cost Clinical Placement
Mammography Seminars No No $ No
Accredited Mammography Courses No No $$ Yes
Online Mammography Course Yes Yes $ No, but options are provided

Pros & Cons: Recap

As you can see, there are multiple options to explore so you can find the mammography program that’s right for you. If you’re a registered radiologic technologist who’s ready to move into mammography, this information should help you take the next step.

Mammography Seminars


  • In-person training
  • Get all coursework completed in days
  • Free trip (if your employer is willing to pay for it)


  • Expensive if you have to pay out of pocket
  • Travel and dining expenses are extra
  • Have to follow the seminar’s schedule
  • Unsafe at this time due to pandemic
  • Risk of cancellation
  • Clinical internship not included

Accredited Mammography Course


  • Usually accredited by a traditional educational institution
  • May be offered at local college
  • Personalized approach
  • Employers may reimburse for the course
  • Can be financed with student loans


  • Most expensive option
  • Have to follow the school’s schedule
  • Unsafe at this time due to pandemic
  • Risk of cancellation

Online Mammography Course


  • Complete coursework on your own time
  • Ideal for adult learners with a busy schedule
  • Some employers will reimburse the cost
  • No risk of cancellation
  • Safe during pandemic


  • Less personalized
  • Some people prefer a more traditional learning environment
  • Clinical training may not be included, though options are often provided

Choosing Your Course

Ultimately, you have to choose the mammography course that is best for your schedule and learning style. The good thing about having so many options is that there is likely to be something for everyone.

Online learning has a bit of an edge over the other options. it’s the most affordable choice, and the flexibility it offers is ideal for an adult learner with a busy schedule. Although some people learn better in-person, the current restrictions due to social distancing and the pandemic have made this option unsafe, and a lot of classes and seminars have been cancelled or restricted. Online mammography courses allow you to pursue your studies without having to worry about your safety.

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