Hologic Tomosynthesis Training Guidelines

Hologic Tomosynthesis Training Guidelines

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Under MQSA, Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is considered a mammographic modality that requires 8 hours of training prior to its use. As of 2017, there are four DBT systems approved for marketing in the US, and you can choose among Fujifilm, GE, Siemens, and Hologic tomosynthesis training guidelines

Radcomm, Inc offers this 6.0 credit course to introduce DBT features, positioning tips, and best practices. Your tomosynthesis clinical training should include the paperwork that provides in detail the dates, training hours, location, training content, name of the instructor, and manufacturer of the DBT system. 


While the Division of Mammography Quality Standards acknowledged that there are features distinctive to each DBT system, technologists only need to obtain training on one DBT system, or at least a general DBT training, to meet MQSA requirements. Make sure to keep all documentation as evidence of your training for your mammography certification

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