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From satisfied technologists seeking INITIAL TRAINING IN MAMMOGRAPHY:

“… Thank you for the great lesson plan and making learning something new very easy.”

“I found the program very simple to understand. Thank you for providing all the very important materials.”

“The MQSA hotline told me that RadComm offered an option for an initial mammography training course. This course is a wonderful option for mammographers-in-training who need to pay for their training themselves. The program is written with true empathy for patients and a true understanding of the work environment. I am very satisfied with this course.”

“This is an amazing program. I really enjoyed it and I learned so much. This is extremely well put together. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I love it!”

“Thank you for making the requirements needed to be a mammographer so easy to understand. This is the only program I found that had everything needed all in the same place!”

“This is a fabulous program. It was easy to use and self-paced. I would recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a mammographer.”

“Great information! Loved that I could do it at my own pace!”

“Going through this program in the comfort of my home was great!”

“Thank you for providing this course as a self-study. It was much more convenient for me instead of traveling out of state for a week-long course.””

“I really liked how I could work at my own pace through this training. Also, I loved that you put a Bible verse at the beginning of each lesson. Very inspiring! Thank you.”

“I found this program very easy to follow and perfectly structured. Each course is very informative. I am a working mom so this program greatly saved me time. Thank you!”

“I am so glad you offer this program so that I didn’t have to travel and spend a week away from my family and work. This is so convenient!”

“I enjoyed the program and appreciate being able to complete it at home!”

“I am very impressed with all the information, diagrams, pictures, and the USB drive itself. Thank you!”

“This course is wonderful and easy to comprehend. I will be using RadComm in the future! Thanks!”

“I found the content of this course very interesting. I also appreciated the motivational Bible verse at the beginning of each unit and the thanks and encouragement that concluded each module. As a sonographer, I found the pictures useful and interesting.”

“Great course for those who want to pursue mammography but cannot attend seminars. Quick, easy to read and understand, and all at your own pace and time. Very happy finding RadComm!”

“This is the most comprehensive mammography course imaginable! RadComm’s training modules are in-depth and interesting, as well as professionally researched, written and edited. I’m glad I ordered this UBS format because I will be referencing the material often. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for offering this training!   It saved me $800+ and from taking a week off of work to go to a seminar!”

“Very good course! I was very happy with it and loved how very organized everything was. Thank you!!”

“Wonderful course! Very informative and interesting! I really appreciate this layout to expedite the process when time constrained. Thank you!”

“Excellent program! Thank you so very much!”

“This was a great program. I feel very knowledgeable of the course content.”

“Wonderful program and so well put together!”

“EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE! This program was easy to understand and someone was always available to answer my questions. I will definitely recommend this to my co-workers.”

“Excellent! So glad this home-study was available. Very informative!”

“Great self-paced course! Very comprehensive!”

“This program is a great way to work and be able to study on your own time! Very informative!”

“Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to be able to do this training from home, rather than traveling to a seminar. This is a much better way for me to learn.”

“You made it so easy to get my 40-hour training in mammography. I loved that I could do it on my time. Thank you!”

“This program was very easy to follow and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to begin my journey in mammography.”

“This program was great.  I feel much more educated about Mammography and enjoyed learning the content.  Thank you for offering this convenient way of training!”

“Thanks for being so fast!  Perfect program for a busy mom of two small children with a full time job!”

“Very organized course with tons of current information.”

“I think the information I was given will be more than enough to pass my registry exam.”

“This is a great program!  I am very happy that I was able to obtain MQSA compliance while continuing to work and be home with my family, instead of traveling to a seminar.”

“Thank you for an organized and professional presentation.  It was easy to follow and I learned many new things.”

“I was very satisfied with all aspects of this mammography training course.”

“Great initial training course.  It is the next best thing to actually attending a 40-hour course.  If logistically that does not work, this course is a great option/alternative.”

“I love the ease of your study materials. My images are already looking better. The response was very fast too. Thank you!”










From satisfied technologists seeking CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS:

“The courses are excellent – very detailed, clear, to the point, and informative. The staff is very kind and helpful!”

“I found the information on 3-D Tomo very relevant. My department has begun incorporating tomo with our screening process.   The information you provided is helpful in describing the process to my patients.”

“Easy format and great prices. Thanks. I needed mammo credits fast and this was the perfect way to get them. I really appreciate the Bible verses at the beginning of the course. God will bless you for using His words. It’s great to have Christian believers practicing their faith in their business. Keep up the good work.”

“As always – Quick to ship – Excellent courses! Keep them coming! Thanks.”

“I love how easy RadComm makes keeping up with CEs. The content is interesting, informative, and applies to the work I do.”

“Fast service and reasonably priced. We appreciate that technologists can share one study guide at a discounted rate.”

“Thanks for the ease in downloading CE credits and the ability to complete them quickly.”

“Keep up the great website with lots of valuable information and lots of CE credits.”

“I’m a first-time user. I’m very pleased with the information and how it was written. It’s easy to understand, interesting, and very informative. Too bad patients can’t get this type of information since doctors are not very informative. I plan to use you again. Thank you.”

“I love how easy you make the process of ordering and getting the certificate. The study guides are wonderful. Please, please – add more topics! Thank you!”

“I have been doing mammography part-time for several years. These continuing education courses were excellent! I learned several new things from these courses. Excellent!”

“Thank you for offering small units to fill in the gaps.”

“Thank you for this great course in mammography. I will recommend it to all my classmates and friends.”

“Super helpful gentleman who fields all calls and answers questions! Easy to follow and read course! I have already recommended this website to others!”

“I really enjoyed reading the material. It was one of the most informative and fun courses I have taken. Even though I have been doing mammograms for a long time, the information was very helpful and I learned something new.”

“Please continue offering mammo courses on the latest and most updated recommendations and treatments. Thanks!”

“I enjoyed both of the courses that I ordered. I felt like I learned new information instead of reading the same old stuff.”

“I like your company because of all the mammography topics and the easy-to-follow information.”

“The courses are excellent, very detailed, clear, to the point, and informative. The staff is very kind and helpful!”

“I am always very satisfied with the study courses and the low cost!”

“The material was easy to read and understand. I learned a lot from this course.”

“This course was even more informative than I expected! Thanks.”

“The service is excellent. The materials are great and it’s so convenient to order CEs online.”

“Great website! I enjoy the simplicity of the courses. Keep it up! Thanks.”

“I thought these courses were great. Good information and easy to understand. I will definitely order more from RadComm in the future.”

“Thank you! I truly love the format of these courses. I like the variety in the different amount of CE credits as I do not always need a lot.”

“Great read. Easy to follow and understand. I needed CE credits specific to this course.”

“Well written information! I enjoyed the material and will definitely be returning to your website for more CEs!”

“Very quick response. Very nice and helpful.”

“Excellent information! Also an emotional rollercoaster! Thank you for including not only the technical aspect, but also the emotional and spiritual side of the patient.”

“Thank you so much. I enjoyed the course so much. Very short and to the point presentation. Easy language to read and understand. Valuable facts and very interesting points. Important information and really easy to remember. Amazing!”

“As always – fantastic information! I really appreciate how you list the study questions throughout the course. What a time-saver!”

“Loved the course! Thank you for making it so great!”

“RadComm has a great website with lots of well written, interesting mammo topics.”

“These are some of the best online courses I’ve done so far. Excellent!”

“The course was very interesting! I really like your CE courses.”

“Thank you for making these mammography credits affordable. They are great learning tools!”

“Your online courses are very helpful and informative. Reasonably priced too. Thank you.”

“The course information was very informative and useful to me at work. Keep up the good work!”

“I like your company because of the number of topics and easy-to-follow information.”

“Excellent content! I really enjoy doing CE activities this way. Thank you.”

“The content was easy to read and very interesting. It included a lot of good, helpful information about breast cancer and mammography. I’ve ordered before and it’s so affordable!!”

“I love the ease of your study materials. My images are already looking better. The response was very fast too. Thank you!”

“These courses are excellent! I am extremely satisfied and will recommend them to my staff. Also, I plan on ordering more courses.”

“Great courses! Very informative and all the information was extremely relevant. They would be great for mammographers starting out and an excellent refresher for experienced technologists.”

“I attended one of your seminars in Albuquerque and enjoyed and learned so much that I decided to get the rest of my CEs from your website!”

“I used your site initially for the free credit. I was so impressed by the ease and presentation of the material that I returned for more credits. Thanks for a very organized and easy to use website. Also, thanks for a quick response regarding the certificate!”

“I like that you offer on-line courses for 1 or 2 credits at a very reasonable cost.”

“Wonderful website! Very easy to navigate. Love the convenience. Turn around time for the certificate is phenomenal!”

“I only needed a few credits, so this was the perfect solution.  The fact that I could order, download, and take the test in the same evening was great!  Faxed my test back the next day and met my CE requirements in time.  I will tell everyone about this site!  Thank you!”

“I actually enjoyed these CE courses and I plan to order more.”

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Topics in Mammography!”

“This was a great course.  I learned things I did not know for my personal breast health as well as to discuss with my patients.”

“Great study.  Reasonable price.  Very good find.  I’ll spread the word about”

“Thanks again for providing prompt service.  I appreciate affordable CEs that I can work on at my own pace.  I am always impressed with how organized the packages are when I receive them.”

“So well written.  An abundance of knowledge.”

“Course was presented in a clean and concise manner.  Very easy to follow and a very interesting topic.”

“I like everything about your program.  It is convenient, relevant to my job, and cost efficient.  I especially like the topics and I will recommend RadComm to my coworkers.”

“I find the presentation of the material facilitates mastery.  Logical and sequential.  I will use this author’s materials in the future.”

“Very pleased with your wonderful service.”

“All units were very informative.  I’m keeping them for future references.”

“All your courses have been interesting and helpful.  I always learn something new, even though I have been in the field for many years.”

“Excellent CE program. I will definitely use this service again.”

“Love everything about your program – prices, downloadable content, content is interesting and testing is appropriate to the field. So glad I found you!”

“Thanks for a great service – especially useful when we need a small number of units at the last minute. I’ve already recommended you.”

“Thanks for offering the best and easiest courses to study. I just love them. Thanks a million.”

“Thank you. Your courses are so much more affordable than most companies. Glad I found you.”

“I was very glad to see how up-to-date the material was. The updated stats were just 6-months old.”

“Your courses are excellent! I have recommended them to my co-workers.”

“The content was brought in such a way that it was easy to learn. Very informative! Thank you.”

“I was very impressed with the ease of reading your courses. The content is well covered.”

“Top notch, as usual! Thank you.”

“Thanks so much for still being able to do these credits on paper. I appreciate that they are wonderful booklets!”

“These are so well written and very interesting. I actually read them completely!!”

“LOVE, LOVE your exams and educational materials. You are the best! Thanks and God bless.”

“These courses are an easy way to get my credits on my own schedule. The courses are always interesting and totally worth the time to read and complete.”

“I enjoyed reading your course material. I found it informative and well-presented. I will definitely return to your site and recommend it to fellow technologists. Thank you.”