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Learn at Your Own Pace with Our Self-Guided Initial Training Program.  It’s MQSA Compliant, Affordable, Easy to Use, and Convenient!

Busy Technologists Can Save Time and Money With Our Online Mammography Course

Finding a quality, MQSA compliant, mammography initial training program that fits into a working woman’s schedule should be easy and affordable.  

But in today’s world, schooling is not cheap or easy to schedule into a busy life! However, you’re passionate about your chosen profession, and the women you’ll serve, so a second rate education is is not an option.  

Attending a mammography seminar is a great, widely accepted option, but who’s got the time to stop what they’re doing for a week or more to attend?  And what about the extra travel costs associated with a seminar?

Let’s face it…most adults interested in a post-primary certification in mammography don’t have the luxury of focusing only on study.

You have a job (maybe two), a family, friends and important life events to attend to on top of the educational requirements you’re considering.  Something has got to give!

But now there is an extremely affordable way to acquire the high quality mammography registry training you expect with the flexible, on-demand schedule you need…

Introducing the RadComm Online Initial Training Program.  

I'm Ready to Start Studying Now!

Had a Mammo Job in 6 Months

Abby loved our self paced format so she could study on her time.  After being a CT Tech she wanted a program that was up-to-date.  RadComm has her approval!

mammography initial training

Niki A. – R.T.(R)(M) – Oklahoma City, OK

“I thought Radcomm was easy to use, convenient, had thorough content, and very economically priced when you consider that other mammo training programs cost anywhere from $1200 to $1600 and require travel. Radcomm doesn’t require travel.”


You'll Walk Away With the Instruction You Need to Ace The Registry Exam and Begin A Career In Mammography

The essential knowledge you need to confidently walk into the registry exam room will be revealed in our training course.

The RadComm Online Initial Training Program will Provide You With:

  • The MQSA mandated 40 hours of training / education you need to get your certification.
  • 40, Category A credits of didactic instruction.
  • A Mammography Mock Exam & ARRT Mammography Certification Exam Review based on the latest ARRT content specifications
  • A Mammogram Positioning Video Demonstration
  • 11 Dual Module Courses Consisting of the Course Content & a Review Exam.
  • More than the Minimum 16 hours of Structured Education Required in the Professional Education Requirements specified by the ARRT.
  • Access to Mammography Instructors who can Answer Your Questions.

Our Initial Training in Mammography Program provides the MQSA required fundamentals of mammography including training in breast anantomy and physiology, positioning and compression. quality assurance & quality control techniques, imaging of patients with breast implants and 3D / 4D digtial mammography.

***The RadComm Intial Training Course has been approved by the AHRA (Association for Medical Imaging Management) for Category A credit.  The AHRA is a Recognized Contining Educaiton Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) and has been authroized by the ARRT to approve Category A credit.

Perfect For Techs Who are Cross-Training In Mammography or Who Want to Sit for the Registry ASAP

RadComm has helped radiologic technologists cross-train in mammography, and has been a leader in mammography enducations for over 20 years. 

Our online initial training course may be right for you if:  

  • You’re a Radiology Tech with access to a site to acquire your clinical hours, and
  • you want to quickly and affordibly get your didactic training done by studying on your schedule and
  • you’re comfortable learning in an easy-to-use online environment.
but what if you don’t have access to a clinical site?  Is RadComm online mammography training still an option?
You bet!

Need Clinical Mammography Training?...No Problem!

For those who wish to become certified in mammography, the MQSA requires you to perform 25 supervised and 75 unsupervised mammograms in addition to the didactic training offered by RadComm. 

One of the largest concerns we hear from new students who don’t already have access to a clinical site is how to find nearby clincial mammography training. 

It’s not impossible to arrange this yourself, but it is challenging and requires a background check, a lot of paperwork, and liability insurance.  This can be overwhelming, but…  

We can help!

RadComm takes the guesswork out of finding a clinical site.  We are a proud partner with one of the largest clinical training programs in the country!

With over 500 private outpatient & hospital sites located in 27 states, no matter where you live we’re confident we can match you to a  convenient training site to get the clinical training you need to complete your certification.  

If you are interested in our program, but need help finding clinical training, please email us to learn more.

Worth the Money

Candeese and her family are stationed overseas so having an instructor based program wasn’t an option due to time differences.  She needed flexibility and liked the organization of our courses.  She recommends our course for anyone who’s looking for mammography training.  

I'm Ready to Start Studying Now!

“The MQSA hotline told me that RadComm offered an option for an initial mammography training course. This course is a wonderful option for mammographers-in-training who need to pay for their training themselves. The program is written with true empathy for patients and a true understanding of the work environment. I am very satisfied with this course.”

Jane R.

“This is a fabulous program. It was easy to use and self-paced. I would recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a mammographer.”

Camella S.

“Thank you so much for offering this training!   It saved me $800+ and from taking a week off of work to go to a seminar!”

Kristina A.

“I love the ease of your study materials. My images are already looking better. The response was very fast too. Thank you!”

Gali C.

RadComm Prepared Her for the Registry

Britney felt that she was well prepared and loved how our course format allowed her to fit her education into her lifestyle.  She studied between kids sports, seeing patients and whenever she had a few minutes.

A High Quality, MQSA Compliant Mammography Education Focused on Your Needs as an Adult Learner

That is a exactly what you’ll get when you purchase a course from RadComm. 

For a long time, the only way to get the type of training needed to feel confident when walking in to the registry exam was to attend a traditional, accredited mammography program or travel to a mammography seminar.

RadComm is different.  We were founded to meet your needs as an modern, adult learner. 

Here are just a few of the features our students tell us they love most:

  • Provides the fundamentals as required by the MQSA regulations and regulated by the ARRT
  • Instant course access
  • Accessing courses online or offline.
  • Learning at their own pace.
  • Studying at home, at work, or anywhere they want.
  • TONS of informational pictures and supplements to support their understanding.
  • Instantly recieve certification & Category A credits when completing a course.
  • A portion of RadComm’s income is donated to woman’s health charities.
  •  Our exclusive focus mode study system

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

In order to complete your Mammography Initial Training you must 25 examinations under the direct supervision of a qualified
mammography technologist or radiologist. These exams must be recorded and include the date,
facility name, and name of the supervising technologist.

Our program does not include this training.  However, we have a partnership with the largest network of clinical training programs in the country and we’d be happy to connect you with them.  Please email us via our contact page for more information.  

We don’t guarantee reimbursement so you should check with your employer to confirm, but many of our students do report that their employer will reimburse the cost of our training as we are certified to MQSA standards by the AHRA and confirmed by the ARRT.

For more information on the ARRT requirements  click here.

The Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requires mammography facilities across the nation to meet uniform quality standards. Congress passed this law in 1992 to assure high-quality mammography for early breast cancer detection, which can lead to early treatment, a range of treatment options, and increased chances of survival. The MQSA was enacted in response to serious concerns about the quality of mammography. This diagnostic technique is a crucial tool in combating the mortality associated with the growing incidence of breast cancer. The FDA enforces the MQSA through compliance inspections.

The answer to this question can be found on the FDA MQSA Policy Guidance Help System. Visit this link.

You’ll receive 12 months of access to our courses in exchange for your registration fee.  Most students complete the course with several months of dedicated study.  However, if you need more time, we can help with an extension for a nominal additional fee.

RadComm’s Initial Training for Mammography program satisfies and exceeds the minimum 16 hours of structured education as required in the Professional Education Requirements specified in the ARRT Rules and Regulations, effective January 1, 2016. Structured education documentation must include credit in each content area:

  • Patient Care (Patient Interactions and Management),
  • Image Production (Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance),
  • Procedures (Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology) (Positioning and Procedures)

To review our structured education documentation click here.

California state law requires that you do the following in this order:

  1. Obtain 40 credit hours in mammography curriculum.
  2. Successfully pass the California Mammography Certification Examination administered by the ARRT.NOTE: The ARRT administered examination for state candidates is used for state certification only.
  3. Perform and document 25 mammograms under the direct supervision of a qualified mammography technologist. Following this process, you may then start the application process for the ARRT Mammography Certification Examination.

For more information, contact the CA governing body

RadComm’s ITM program is a self-directed program that is completed at the participant’s own pace. Each course has a test that corresponds to the number of credits awarded upon successful completion. RadComm also includes two examination reviews and a video demonstrating proper positioning for the basic screening views. The cost of RadComm’s ITM program is significantly lower since expenses associated with travel are eliminated.

Post-primary education programs are not accredited unless they are earned as part of a college or university program. ARRT post-primary education is completed utilizing courses or lectures that are approved for credit by an ARRT RCEEM.

Our Initial Training in Mammography Program courses have been approved by the AHRA (American Healthcare Radiology Administrators) for Category A credit. AHRA is a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) and has been authorized by the ARRT to approve Category A credit.

Individual users should sign up using our automated payment system to recieve immediate access. 

If you’re a hospital or corporate payer purchasing on behalf of a user and would prefer to set up an account please contact us

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 This is Margaret.  By purchasing one of our courses you’re helping to provide her with the post secondary education she needs to have a brighter future.  If you’re interested in doing more, click the button below where you’ll learn how you can support other wonderful young women in Africa so they can get the education they need to bring themselves and their communities to new heights..  

RadComm helps mammographers live their best life by providing quality, specialized, post-secondary course work, while helping others.