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ARRT Requirements

ARRT requirements are discussed below.

Our program satisfies the 16 hours of structured education as required in the Professional Education Requirements specified in the ARRT Rules and Regulations.  Structured education documentation must include credit in each content area. [ARRT Requirements]

  • Patient Care (Patient Interactions and Management),
  • Image Production (Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance),
  • Procedures (Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology) (Positioning and Procedures)

Detailed document: ARRT Structured Education Requirements for Mammography 

Training requirements must have been completed during the 24-months immediately preceding the application date for the ARRT certification exam. For more details please review this document. Mammography Clinical Experience Requirements

Candidates are requested to use the Mammography Clinical Experience Documentation Form online to record the performance of each procedure and must keep this form for at least 24 months after the application for certification is submitted.  To start documenting procedures, log in to My ARRT Info

Additionally, candidates must complete the verification section of the ARRT application, attesting to completion of the requirements. The ARRT conducts audits of some applications for certification. Submitting false documentation to the ARRT as part of the application process is a violation of the ARRT Standards of Ethics and may result in revocation of eligibility for certification in all categories, including those already held.

Please download the Post-Primary-Eligibility-Pathway-Handbook
Our program satisfies the 16 hours of structured education as required in the Professional Education Requirements specified in the ARRT Rules and Regulations.

arrt requirements

All Mammography courses are approved by an ARRT-Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM)

Important Documents for Mammography Training and MQSA compliance

Attention California Technologists!

California state law requires that you do the following in this order:

  1. Obtain 40 credit hours in mammography curriculum.
  2. Successfully pass the California Mammography Certification examination.
  3. Perform 25 mammograms under the supervision of a qualified mammography technologist.
  4. Now begin preparation for the ARRT exam.

For more information, contact the CA governing body.

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