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When you purchase a RadComm Course you're not only advancing your life, you're also advancing someone else's  

What We Do

We’ve chosen to donate 2% of every single dollar we earn to one of the two charities focused on furthering women’s education.  Continue reading to learn more how Radcomm Helping others 

You Should Know

We've vetted these two charities very carefully.  Aside from one part-time employee each of these organizations is run by passionate volunteers so we're proud to send our money here knowing its going directly to the need vs. adminstrative overhead.

Because our students are diverse, it was important that everyone regardless of faith would feel proud of how we used the funds.  Although one of charities does have a religious affiliation we've focused our giving to a specific education related cause.

The Charities


58ten refers to Isaiah 58:10 – “If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” 

The focus of 58ten is to minister to orphaned children at two children’s homes in Kenya, Africa.  The ministry takes a variety of forms from provding medical care, running the orphange, to providing food & water for the community, and giving an education to the children living at the home including primary, secondary and post-secondary.

One of the founders grew up in Kenya as a missionary kid.  58ten has been instrumental in reopening children’s homes after they were shuttered due to lost funding.   

How Our Gift is Being Used:

Helping Others

Our gift supports a young woman who is pursuing her post-secondary education.  The amount fully funds one year of her eduation. 

Because we wanted all our students to feel included in our contribution, and 58ten has an evangelical Christian component we’ve chosen to focus our contributions  as a company specifically to help a young woman who grew up in the children’s home run by 58ten who is currently pursuing professional coursework by paying for her schooling.  Here is her story:

Like many children in rural Kenya, *Margaret has faced many challenges in her life. Her parents passed away when she young, leaving her without a home. She had guardians who helped take care of her the best they could, but due to their lack of resources, Margaret was often left without adequate shelter and food for each day. She also lacked the opportunity to go to school because of the school fees. There was little hope for Margaret and hope was something she desperately wanted. 

In 2012, Margaret came to the Mulango Children’s Home where she was invited into a family who cared for Margaret’s needs. She was given her own bed, shelter, three meals a day, and an education. Despite physical disabilities, Margaret thrived at the home and completed her high school degree. 

Today, Margaret is still in school getting a post-secondary degree, but she also spends countless hours tutoring the younger children at the Mulango Children’s Home. She has been Godsend during the pandemic as the younger students’ retention of information was slipping. Through empowerment, Margaret has made a path for her to thrive in her career and to pour herself out for the needs of others.

*We’ve chosen to use an assumed name to protect her identity.

Get Involved

If you have a heart for children and you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with 58ten, please click the button below:


The mission of Girls Education International is to expand and support educational opportunities for underserved girls and women in remote and undeveloped regions of the world.

Girls Education International partners with local organizations who work to increase the educational opportunities for young women and girls in Pakistan and Tanzania.

How Our Gift is Being Used:

We’re sponsoring the education of 4 young women in Tanzania, Africa.  Their stories are below.


When Hadija was a young girl, her father became ill and sought treatment in a nearby hospital.  The hospital lacked sufficient nursing staff and he passed away without receiving the treatment he needed. On top of the emotional burden of grieving the loss of her father, his death added to the financial hardships Hajia’s family already experienced. 

As a testament to her resilience, Hadija transformed his death into a motivating factor.  She aspires to become a nurse in order to help people like her father and prevent unnecessary deaths in her community. 

Hadija joined Girls Education International in 2014.  Since then she attended four study camps that offer academic support for Girls Ed students during school breaks.  These camps contributed to Hajida’s progress.  She successfully completed Form 4 at Kagongo Secondary School and passed the national exams required to matriculate to high school.  She qualified to study Chemistry, Biology, and Geography, the track established for a medical career.


Hekima is from Mkongoro, a small village known for having the sweetest pineapples in western Tanzania.  Her father is a pineapple farmer and takes great pride in his crops as well as his daughters. 

He believes in the importance of educating girls, for which Hekima and her sister Zuwena, also a Girls Education International student, are grateful.

Upon passing national exams, Hemika enrolled in high school where she studies history, geography, and English language.  Hemika has a passion for education and intended to pursue a career in teaching. 

Hekima’s dedication to school is evident. She attended four study camps and continues to work hard in high school.  She has a capacity to realize her dreams.  Please help create the opportunity for her to do so by providing her with financial support.


Saidati comes from a long line of strong and resourceful women.  She grew up with her mother and grandmother in the same house and her great aunt nearby.  All of these women have encouraged Saidati to stay in school and keep working hard. 

Her mother is an entrepreneur and uses the revenue from her small business to support her daughter’s education.  Her product: homemade chips, a very uncommon snack in the region. Saidati benefits from her mother’s dedication and resourcefulness, and is lucky to have such a wonderful role model. 

Since 2014, Saidati attended four study camps, passed the national exams, and matriculated to Kibondo Girls Secondary School where she studies history, Swahili, and English.   Her dream is to become a nurse or a doctor.  She has the grit but needs help to remove the financial barriers that could prevent her from attaining her objectives.


Flora attended Amahoro Secondary School in Mgaraganza Village. The school serves 500 students from the surrounding five villages.  As is common with rural schools in Tanzania, it is severely understaffed and lacks basic school supplies such as text books.  Thus contributing to the hardships students face.  Undoubtedly, these factors impacted Flora’s educational path. Although she completed secondary school, she did not pass the national exams and therefore was denied entrance to high school. 

Instead, Flora enrolled in a Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) program.  VETA’s mission is “To ensure quality vocational skills by providing, regulating, coordinating, promoting, and financing vocational education and training for national socio-economic development.”  VETA offers programs in a variety of sectors including Clothing and Textile, Commercial and Business support, Cosmetology, and Printing.  It is a great opportunity for students like Flora who have the intrinsic motivation to continue studies and their family’s encouragement to do so. 

Get Involved

If you are passionate about empowering disadvantaged women through education and you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with Girls Education Intl, please click the button below:

Learn How You Can Help Her


 This is Margaret.  By purchasing one of our courses you’re helping to provide her with the post secondary education she needs to have a brighter future.  If you’re interested in doing more, click the button below where you’ll learn how you can support other wonderful young women in Africa so they can get the education they need to bring themselves and their communities to new heights..  

RadComm helps mammographers live their best life by providing quality, specialized, post-secondary course work, while helping others.